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1. Why the name StretchyHacks?

Ans. StretchyHacks is a mash-up of stretching and hacking. I chose these two words because of their meaning. In many things in life, stretching occurs when there is a need to birth something or to move to a higher level of performance. Examples include the stretching of a woman’s womb, or the stretching of muscles of an athlete as she trains to perform at a higher level. Hacking on the other hand is a way computer programmers solve their problems – agile, iterative – always seeking a better approach to solving problems. Hence StretchyHacks.

2. What subject area does StretchyHacks focus on?

Ans. StretchyHacks’ focus is quite diverse but mainly on entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and self improvement. The site also posts news articles about companies in Ghana, the USA and Europe.

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