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The “Tell Me About Yourself” Question Is Not a trick Question

When an interviewer asks you “tell me about yourself”, it is not a way to trick you to fumble. It is, like all the other interview questions, a way for you to sell yourself. It is therefore necessary that you prepare an appropriate answer for what will most certainly be one of the interview questions.

Craft your answer to include a summary of your career history (one sentence), an example of one career accomplishment (one or two sentences), and a summary of what you want next in your career that’s relevant to the position at hand (one or two sentences).


“I studied Political Science and Philosophy in my undergrad education. I then worked for two years with a health consultancy where I was in charge of coordinating health screenings which involved over 300 persons to be screened. I needed to ensure that the laboratories who would conduct the screenings had all that they needed, and the persons to be screened were all aware of what they were going to do on the day of screening.” (Part One)

“Recently, I saw a Call for Tender advert in the newspaper for an organisation to coordinate the nationwide mosquito net project. The project implementation required impact assessment of the mosquito nets on the rate of malaria cases nationwide. Considering that our consultancy comprised only four people, I managed to convince my boss to bid for the tender which we won. We trained other personnel to handle the nationwide roll out and the impact assessment was a 55% drop in malaria cases. Our firm was paid $1 million for the project.” (Part Two)

“With regard to progression in my career, I would like to work with a multinational organisation with a nationwide focus where I can use my coordination skills more and positively impact the health of communities across the nation.” (Part Three)

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