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Networking; An Introverts Way

Business networking can be a fun or very difficult activity for you, depending on personality type that is. An extrovert tends to enjoy it and may actually look forward to the opportunity. It seem like second nature for them to walk up to total strangers and just strike a conversation.

You on the other hand – guarded, reserved and less outspoken – wonder how you can do this ‘networking thing’ with others. You probably have read a dozen books and articles on “how to network” and yet you still think you’ve not mastered the art yet. Well, these few tips will help you network better;

1. Focus on individuals: Instead of going to speak to a group (perhaps people from the same organisation), speak to an individual from that group as that would be more manageable for you. You will be able to express yourself easily and feel less pressured.

2. Reach out through other media: Since you may find it hard to walk up to and start a conversation with strangers, you should consider using social media to introduce yourself to people you’ll like to before the event. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + etc, to introduce yourself.

3. Take a time-out: Your mental energy needs to be high for you to be able to make maximum benefit from a networking event. As an introverted person, take a few minutes to be by yourself as this will recharge you. After recharging, you will feel more energized to do a few “rounds” of networking with others.

I am confident these tips can greatly improve your networking expeditions. Use them and do share the results with the rest of the world.

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