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AfricaGathering And World Bank Host Brainstorming Session

AfricaGathering and the World Bank office in Ghana today held a brainstorming event to discuss issues concerning youth employment in Ghana. The theme for the event was “Youth Employment in Africa” which came off at the AITI-KACE, Accra.

The event saw young people discussing key topics concerning the creation, growing and even finding jobs in Ghana. The event started off with Marieme Jamme briefly explaining how the day would go like, what AfricaGathering does and what the World Bank was hoping would happen at the end of the day.

A very vibrant debate ensued on the topic “why are the youth not employed? – can young people be employed in technology, agriculture and in other sectors?”

Participants then formed small break-out groups to discuss solutions they think government and development partners can provide to enhance youth employment in the country. The main points from the groups were then shared after about 45 minutes with all the other participants. These points will also be given to the World Bank to help them write their policy document on youth employment in Ghana.

The curator of the event, Miss Marieme Jamme ended the event with a call for young people to collaborate with each other, and strive to make a positive impact on society. She encouraged participants to keep brainstorming and holding sessions to forge a bright future for the African continent as a whole.

The event was a truly fruitful event because it gave young people the opportunity to make their voice heard on an issue that concerns them very much. More so, the main points that came out of the brainstorming sessions will be considered in the writing of the policy document from the World Bank which we hope will reveal some great insights to us all.

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