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Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.0 Gets New Features, Finally.

RIM‘s much anticipated tablet, the PlayBook, disappointed most people when it was eventually released. The disappointment was not only from the general techie enthusiasts but also from the Blackberry “faithfuls” as well. The reason was due to the lack basic features on the tablet, i.e. email client, calendar and contacts.

Anyway, Research In Motion (RIM) has  announced that they have released an update for the tablet, Blackberry OS 2.0, which has in-built email, calendar and contacts. This is definitely great news for Blackberry PlayBook users.

RIM announced that they shipped only 150,000 units of the tablet as of the last quarter in 2011. They also had to take a $485 million hit because of sale price reduction on the tablet.

Other new features in BlackBerry OS 2.0 include social integration in the calendar, which will pull in your friends from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as updates to BlackBerry Bridge that will let your BlackBerry Phone serve as a remote control for the PlayBook. There’s also a new “Open On” feature that makes it easy to open documents you’re viewing on your BlackBerry Phone on the PlayBook with a single click.

This update is long overdue but like they say “better late than never.” The updates will make current PlayBook users happy to have features they have always wanted and the new additions might be the “cherry on top.” Who knows, this update might attract new ‘converts’ to get a PlayBook. With all the is happening at RIM (new CEO, service outage etc), only time will tell if Blackberry will recapture its dwindling reputation among users.


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