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Improve Your Chances Of Getting Hired.

With the nagging world economy slump and increasing unemployment, you would want a way of bolstering your chances of being hired in your next employment-search move. Here are a few tips;

1. Research the company: Do your due diligence. Find out more about the company i.e. the company culture, current news about them; anything about the company that gives an a better understanding of what they stand for.

2. Research the competition: Find out how the competition position themselves within the industry. This can give you ideas on how the company you want to work with can position their products/services. This will also give you the chance to negotiate for a good salary and other benefits. You can use the advanced search tab in LinkedIn to find a ton of  information on companies and the industry they operate in. A search on LinkedIn will dissect a company by industry, job title and proximity to you.

3. Research interviewers and colleagues: Find out more about the person or people who will interview you. You can do this also on LinkedIn. Do not stop there though, go onto Facebook and Twitter; find out from your followers if they have any contacts with the company you are researching. You can use Google Scholar, Patent Search and Twitter to become more familiar with the work of employees who have published papers, filed patents and tweets about work.

With your new-found knowledge, you don’t need to be a know-it-all. Appearing knowledgeable in your interview is all that is needed to get another interview and possibly an offer.

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