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14 Ways To Be Highly Motivated

1. Condition your mind: Always keep your thoughts positive while avoiding negative thoughts. I am not saying you should become unrealistic in your thoughts, I am just saying you should think the ‘good’ or ‘positive’ in things and situations instead of going on and on about how bad something is or could be.

2. Condition your body. It takes physical energy to take action.  Watch your food by making sure it is healthy and balanced. Also, you should you start that exercising regimen you’ve been postponing (just a 10 minute brisk walk would do.)

3. Avoid negative people. This is very simple. Just limit or completely cut negative people out of your regular interaction. They drain your energy and waste your time. Hanging out with them is like carrying a 50kg bag while trying to run a sprint.

4. Seek out birds of the same feather. Positive people have positive energy that infectious. Their energy will rub off on you and can carry you on becoming highly motivated. Just as negative people sap your energy, positive people add to your energy. So choose who you hang with carefully.

5. Set goals–but be flexible. No plan should be cast in stone, else ticking it off as ‘done’ may become more important than the purpose for which you set that goal in the first place. If you discover a better way of meeting an objective, be flexible enough to change the goal earlier set.

6. Work for your purpose.  Any activity or action that doesn’t serve your higher goal is wasted effort and should not be done.

7. Take responsibility for your results. Yes luck, fate or divine intervention play a role in your success, but you also need to take responsibility by taking active steps to achieve your goals. Steve Jobs or Bill Gates did not just sit ‘waiting for their fate’, they worked hard and took active steps to be masters of industry.

8. Stretch past your limits on a daily basis. If you don’t like your current circumstance, there is no point to keep doing what you’ve always done. Stretch out beyond your comfort zone.

9. Do it now! Don’t wait to become an expert or a guru, just start whatever you desire now. You will learn and grow as you go along. Strive for excellence and you are likely to get to a point where you will be super happy to be at.

10. Failures are good. Don’t be afraid to fail. Yes I know this is easier said than experienced but this is very true. Some of our most important lessons in life will come from failures. So do whatever you need to do and don’t be worried about failing. Steve Jobs supports this point – he was fired from his own company at one point but that didn’t take him down under.

11. Success is good only to a certain extent. Success can breed tomorrow’s failure if you use it as an excuse to become complacent or arrogant. Pride they say comes before a fall. The role of success is only to tell you that ‘you can’, it’s not to make you think you have super powers impervious to failure.

12. Avoid weak goals.  Goals are the soul of achievement, so never begin them with “I’ll try …”  Always start with “I will” or “I must.” The tone of your goals is very important so avoid weakness while setting them.

13. Inaction is failure.  If you don’t take action, you have failed by default. You may think you have not started what you need to start because you are afraid, well, if you don’t take action you have failed already as you can’t get the opportunity to learn from that experience.

14. Silence can be golden.  Think before you speak. There is no need to express your thoughts on something that doesn’t serve your purpose. Earlier, I mentioned the importance of speech so guard yourself from situations that might get you into saying negative things or sounding weak.

As usual, I’ll be very happy to hear your thoughts on these points.

One comment on “14 Ways To Be Highly Motivated

  1. Lots of great points here! Thanks for the direct reminders. I love number 8…I must do that more in my life. (Catch that?)

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