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Ghana through the eyes of Mawuli Sikanku

 Ghana is a beautiful country that sits nearly at the “centre of the Earth”, with a great weather (warm sunshine all year round), wonderful beaches, and lovely tourist sites. There are about 24million people with over 70 languages and 100 ethnic groups in Ghana. Ghanaians are described as very friendly people because they would usually take a neighbor’s issues as if it was theirs (i.e. a neighbor’s safety and well-being).

Unfortunately, it is not very known to an international audience. Ghana is more than the forts and castles scattered along her coast, it is more than the game reserves found in a few parts of the country and certainly more than a tag ‘gateway to West Africa’ or ‘the centre of the Earth’ etc.

Ghana has enormous potential as a tourist destination and a place for people or organizations to invest into business opportunities.

With this knowledge, Mawuli Sikanku and I will try to project Ghana as she really is. Mawuli, an uber talented photographer, will provide images of Ghana as he sees them through the lens of his camera and I will do my best to use words to tell Ghana’s stories.

Come along with us on what promises to be a truly amazing journey as we tell stories from all over Ghana.

Nii Nai-Kwade is an entrepreneur and an aspiring world class blogger. He is a co-founder at Arto Connect Limited, a member of the core BarCamp Ghana organizing team, and wishes he could make magic with cameras like Mawuli.

Mawuli Sikanku is an entrepreneur who has a knack for all things beautiful and elegant. He knows how to capture uniqueness and art in whatever he captures through his lens. He dabbles in web design occasionally and is an avid fan of Chelsea Football Club.

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