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This is Ghana!!!

Why do many people – Ghanaians – say this phrase to any silly circumstance, stupid act or unruly behavior by another person or organization? If for instance the electricity from the national grid goes off without any explanation from the agency in charge, most people will just say ‘this is Ghana’. If a commercial driver (popularly called trotro driver) does a reckless and senseless maneuver on the road. To this situation, among many others, I am sure many people will just go like ‘only in Ghana’, or ‘Ghana for you’.

This statement, as you can guess, completely annoys me. Really, why do people say it all the time? Ok, before you give me an answer, I think I should explain why it annoys me. First, a statement like that sounds as if ‘well, it is to be expected. No need to complain’, or ‘I don’t understand but I can’t make a difference so I’ll just give in’, or ‘look, there are many other countries who don’t have half what we – Ghanaians – have so why complain?’ or “this is Ghana = abakadabraaa”, so whenever someone says it, they hope or wish the problem will disappear magically’.

Anyway, this post is not me wanting to complain, it is rather an attempt to find out why we, as a nation, can’t seem to solve our problems. Do you think we can solve our problems? If we can then why are we not doing so? Also, what do you do when you encounter one of the many frustrations in Ghana? Do you also say ‘ah well, this is Ghana.’ Share some of your really annoying experiences in Ghana with me and tell me what can be done for Ghana to a lovelier place to live.

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