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Cool gadgets that make your life more fun and productive

We are indeed living in really exciting times where gadgets do so much more than we could have imagined some 5 years ago. Within the past 5 years, we have seen the iPhone and a plethora of other smart phones. These phones could be described more as mini computers small enough to also double as mobile phones. Even more recent is the tablet  computer category which essentially is a morph between laptops and mobile phones. Analysts believe tablets will become the predominant computer purchased and used by most people among the various categories of computing.

Anyway, these gadgets make our life more fun, efficient and versatile. For instance, the size of tablets makes it a desirable gadget to carry around. In that, tablets are not too heavy like a laptops are, not too small as a phone and provides more performance than the phone. Tablets give you the chance to do nearly everything you can do on a laptop with an added benefit of portability.

And then is the smart phones that have simply revolutionised our mobile lives. The iPhone range, Android phones, Windows Phone among a few others give users nearly all the capability offered in a laptop. Email, chat, document reading/creation, to-do lists, meeting scheduling etc. These functions almost make the need to have personal assistance irrelevant.

If you are thinking of getting a gadget any time soon you may want to consider these;

1. Galaxy Tab 10.1
2. iPad 2

1. HTC range
2. iPhone 4/4s
3. Nokia Lumia

Keep coming back to read the other entries about the coolest gadgets. Also, tell me what you would want me to write about in my subsequent posts.

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