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Never miss out on any deal or discount from your favourite merchant

Wouldn’t it be nice to always know about the deals or discounts your favourite store, restaurant, night club, clothing line or hotel is offering? Considering your busy and often times hectic daily schedule – at work, with your kids etc – it becomes very hard to keep track of the money saving offers from businesses.

Apart  from our busy schedules, most of us (if not all of us) make a conscious effort to block out adverts; especially adverts we are not interested in by simply tuning off. Thus, we may see or hear the advert but we really don’t pay attention.

In an attempt to solve the problem with busy schedules and unsolicited adverts, Dealeezy has developed a product that tries to keep you updated and also serve you only with adverts that might interest you.

The product is a combination of a website and an SMS service.

The website has profiles of businesses and each profile has details of the business that customers will usually want to know about; opening and closing times, location, contact details, and pictures of the business which gives the customer a sense of what the business has to offer, etc. The unique thing about the business profile is that, a customer can choose to “Follow” a business to receive notifications of offers from that business via SMS text messages. Customers can also choose to “Follow” businesses that interest them by text the business’s keyword to a short code (e.g. customers text ‘Follow [business_name]’ to 1945) to start receiving notifications from that business.

Dealeezy is beneficial to both customers and businesses. For customers, they never miss out on the cool deals and discounts from businesses that interest them while for businesses, Dealeezy serves as an SMS marketing tool that makes it possible for them to market their product or service to customers by giving customer discounts and deals through SMS notifications.

The really nice thing about Dealeezy is that it is free for customers to receive notifications, they only have to pay for the text message they send to follow a business. On the other hand, if a user follows a business through the Dealeezy website, they don’t pay anything. For businesses, it is also free to create business profiles. A business only pays if they want to send SMS notifications to their customers.

I think Dealeezy has a bright future amidst the competition from Tigo, and a plethora of bulk SMS solutions out there – infoline by NandiMobile, mytxtbuddy from DreamOval etc, because it meets the peculiar needs of customers and businesses.

DISCLAIMER: I am a co-founder of Arto Connect, the company that built Dealeezy. As such this article may be subjective.

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