What Chelsea FC Can Teach Us About Success

Chelsea FC are still celebrating their latest triumph as Champions of Europe.  Their journey has been saddled with many significant events on and off the pitch which can teach us a thing or two about success. Below are what we can learn from them; 1. Know Your Strength And Use It Efficiently: Chelsea’s style of football […]

Success: What It Really Is

This illustration sums up what success is. Unlike what most of us – if not all of us – think is how success is attained, success is actually not attained in a linear manner. It is rather a cluster of ups and downs, curves and turns, stops and movements, pauses, breaks, luck, setbacks, careful execution […]

Why Porn Is Not Good For Your Relationship

Are addicted to porn? Do you feel the need to watch pornographic materials so as to be sexually aroused? Or do you know someone who is hooked on porn? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you might want to read the entire post because porn could take a negative toll on your relationship with […]

Powerful Mission Statement

Most companies have Mission Statements but not many of them – if any – have the kind of impact that this mission statement from Holstee, a Brooklyn based company that specializes in providing on-line shoppers meaning products to buy. The founders of this company said they did not write a business plan when they started Holstee. […]

6 Ingredients That Can Make You Succeed, Mark Zuckerberg Has Them.

Mark Zuckerberg is a very farmiliar name many aspiring entrepreneurs wish to emulate. Only 27 years old and already a billionaire and getting ready to take his company public; the floatation, if successful, will be the highest amount raised on the Stock Market by an on-line business. So what attributes do people like Mark Zuckerberg have that sets […]

How to say ‘NO’ and not feel bad about it

There are very few people we know who can say NO to requests made at them without blinking. Half of these people we really admire and wished we were like, the remaining half on the other hand we don’t admire because we see them as mean, selfish people. We have been socialised to please, and so saying […]

7 Steps to Incredible Personal Productivity

Occasionally you need to go the extra mile. Sometimes you need to complete a major project, tackle a task you’ve put off, or just knock out a ton of work in one day. Here’s the best way to turn a normal workday into an incredibly productive workday: 1. Let everyone know. Interruptions destroy focus and kill productivity. So […]


The “Tell Me About Yourself” Question Is Not a trick Question

The “Tell Me About Yourself” Question Is Not a trick Question

When an interviewer asks you “tell me about yourself”, it is not a way to trick you to fumble. It is, like all the other interview questions, a way for you to sell yourself. It is therefore necessary that you prepare an appropriate answer for what will most certainly be one of the interview questions. […]